How To House Train – House Training Young Puppies Tricks

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House training may be a very hard and confusing process for both you and your dog. That is why it is very important to know what you are doing and follow detailed instructions of more experienced dog owners. In this article I will share with you some of the most important tips, you need to know in order to successfully house train your puppy.

Consistence is the key

The most important part of house training a dog is remaining consistent in what you do. It is especially applicable when we are talking about puppies. Younger dogs have no previous experience in what they can and can’t do in the house so keeping the rules as clear as possible is crucial.

When you are teaching your puppy where he can eliminate, you should take him to the designated spot as often as you only can. Whenever you take him for a walk, first thing you do is take him there. This way your puppy will eventually understand that this is where he should “do his business.”

The other part of remaining consistent is avoiding distractions. By distractions I mean anything that could stop your pup from doing what you commanded him and your inappropriate behaviour. You need to create a purpose for your potty trips in your dogs mind.

Whenever you take your pet to elimination spot, don’t laugh, don’t play with him, simply give him a command to eliminate and watch what he is doing. This way you avoid even more confusion and make it easier for your puppy to understand.

Developing a feeding schedule

One of the most common mistakes of dog owners with no experience in how to house train a dog, is allowing their dogs to eat and drink whenever they want. From some reason they think this is the right way to go, but they are wrong. Just ask yourself a question: “Do you eat food all the time?”

Allowing your puppy to eat when he wants will cause him to eliminate in random patterns, disallowing you to predict when he wants to go to the bathroom and take him there.

But, irregular elimination is just one of the negative effects of allowing your dog to eat when he shouldn’t. The other thing is developing obesity. Most of the people that house train their dogs don’t take them outdoors often enough to allow them to burn all the excess calories. This way their pets start to gain weight and before you know, they have obese dogs.

That is why, you should feed your dog at certain times, now whenever he is hungry. It is not for your benefit but also to improve your dogs health and well being.

Reinforce positive behaviour

It is important to award your dog when he does something you want him to do. This way you create a positive association in his mind about certain act and a reward from you. It is very important when you are potty training your puppy.

Most of the puppies need an elimination box inside their den. However it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to train them to eliminate somewhere else. You can easily make the other place much more attractive by rewarding your pet with snacks whenever he uses it.

The important thing to remember is that rewards don’t have to always be snacks. Just acting enthusiastic and praising your dog can be enough for him to feel great. If you combine both, your pet will feel ecstatic whenever you reward him, so keep it in your mind.

As you can see house training a puppy can be a very hard process, that is why you should keep my tips in mind when you interact with your dog. Most pet owners fail to train their dogs because they make simple and stupid mistakes that can be easily avoided, so don’t be one of them.

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What Do Painted Turtles Eat- Guide To Safe Turtle Foods

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Painted turtles are popular house pets. Most people recognize these turtles from their red and yellow markings, but when asked what do painted turtles eat most people aren’t sure. Turtles are not as widely understood as dogs and cats and this can lead to confusion about feeding.

Turtles are versatile animals for the most part. They can eat a wide variety of foods. There are on certain foods that must be avoided, but more on that later. The first thing to know is that what turtles eat changes as it grows.

Baby Turtles

When the painted turtles are juveniles they tend to be more carnivorous. This is logical as protein is essential for development of strong muscles and early brain development. Packing in excess protein when young is a turtles way of bulking up for their maturity to be more formidable animals.

As the painted turtle reaches full maturity about 60% of its diet consists of vegetation and leafy greens. They will still eat protein as a regular part of their diet, but not nearly as much as when they were younger. As the muscles have become developed, it is now more important to store vitamins and nutrients from vegetation.


When captive as house pets turtles will need calcium supplements. Calcium is also an important part of what painted turtles eat as this is what gives them their strong durable shell. Once a turtles shell has weakened to the point of cracking open, its only a matter of time before infection kicks in. This usually leads to premature fatality.

You can buy calcium supplements at the pet store. The best supplement for painted turtles is a powder supplement that you “dust” their food with. Being a house pet your turtle will not have access to deposits, natural vegetation and other calcium sources in the wild. Calcium must be supplemented for the health of the turtle.

There’s the broad overview. What do painted turtles eat? There’s a lot of room for personal preferences. Here’s a list of the most common foods to feed the painted turtle:


-Earth worms
-Blood worms
-Cooked Beef and Chicken
(small bits)

Fruits and Vegetables:

-Leafy Greens (Mustard, Collard, Dandelion)
-Green Beans
-Sweet Potato

Turtle Food

Pet stores sell pellet turtle and reptile foods. Most of these are fine to use as a staple for your turtles diet. It doesn’t have to be the largest portion of food they get, just what they are fed in between the vegetables, fruit and protein. You may not have a constant supply of live proteins such as insects. When you run out, these foods will be there to fill in the gaps.

You do not need to feed your turtle all of these different foods in a month! As time goes on, try new things so your turtle has some variety in tastes, textures and for nutrition as well. The above list just gives examples of all the different types of foods that owners feed their painted turtles.

Hard foods, such as carrots should be cooked until soft and easier to digest. It is recommended that baby painted turtles be fed everyday while adults can feed every other day. Do not over feed your turtle as this leads to poor health and a weak immune system.


A good rule of thumb on how much to feed your painted turtle is as much as it will eat in fifteen minutes. After a fifteen minute period, if your turtle continues to eat, take away the food (unless it is sick). By that point they have had enough for one meal. Another way to look at this is to feed them a hunk of food that is the roughly the size of its neck and head.


There are a few things to watch out for to avoid feeding your turtle something that will give it health problems. Not everything is alright for a turtle to eat.

Try to avoid feeding your painted turtle spinach. The pesticides and the nutrients in spinach is suspected for a string of intestinal track problems. This led to several turtle fatalities that went unnoticed by the owners. Leafy greens are great turtle snacks, just make sure there is no spinach. Turtles will eat spinach if you put it in front of them.

Also avoid ice berg lettuce. There is very little nutritional value in iceberg lettuce. If you feed this to your turtle it won’t hurt them, but it won’t do them any good. fill their diet with foods that serve a purpose and make their health and condition better. Ice berg lettuce is a waste of tummy space and money.

Finally, a bit of a disclaimer on the above statement about feeding your turtle cooked chicken and beef. This is not an all the time meal. Once in a while this can be done with no side effects and makes a tasty turtle treat. If you constantly feed these things to your turtle it could have adverse effects on their health and their organs. A little dab will do, so offer supermarket meats no more than once a week if at all.

So to answer the question of what do painted turtles eat… a little bit of every thing. Some leafy greens and veggies, some proteins in the form of turtle pellets and/or insects and most fruits. The average adult is fed every other day, and for some every three days depending on the turtles size and age. Mix and match all these foods, but try to provide a balanced diet. Make sure in a week your painted turtle has had some protein, some vegetables and some fruit.

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House Breaking A Puppy Secrets And Techniques – What Do You Do When Your Dog Eliminates Where He Shouldn’t

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A lot of dog owners that try house training their dog, soon find out that despite their best efforts, their pet still runs around eliminating wherever he wants. This may be discouraging and makes you feel like your dog isn’t able to learn anything. However, you are getting negative way to fast, the key is to know how to behave in a situation when your dog does something wrong.

Investigating the background of the “accident”

A lot of dog owners assume that the fact that their pet eliminated in the middle of the room, right next to the spot where dog should “do his business”, means it is only their pets fault. The truth is that most of time, dog owners fail to allow their pets to eliminate often enough. Animals left with full bowels and bladders won’t be able to follow detailed elimination rules, they just try to release the discomfort they feel wherever they currently are.

That is why, you should ask yourself a question if your house training your dog attempts aren’t faulty. Do you take your dog to the elimination spot often enough? Did you really reinforce that the area with the litter box is the place where your pet should eliminate?

If you want your house training dogs process to be fast and effective, you can’t confuse your dog by giving him conflicting commands and responses. Never play with your dog when he is supposed to eliminate. You should take him to elimination spot, ice-cold give him command to eliminate and if he does it, you can praise him and give him a snack.

What to do if it really is your dogs fault…

If you are certain the whole responsibility lies on your dogs shoulders, there are few things you can do. First, never rub your dogs nose into the mess. This is pointless behavior and will only make your dog scared to eliminate in your presence. This doesn’t mean he will start to eliminate in right places, he will simply do it whenever you are not around.

I know for some dog owners it may be hard, but after your dog eliminated where he is not supposed to, you just grab him, take him to the elimination spot and do the standard procedure. It is quite obvious, your dog may have troubles eliminating again in such a short period of time, but you are supposed to only reinforce positive behavior not wait till your pet eliminates again.

Something that has a high success rate is taking dogs feces from your beautiful carpet or floor and putting them into the elimination box. This way you should make it clear to him that his feces “go there.”

Overall, dealing with your dogs accidents, is a very straightforward process. The only thing it requires from you is consistence and fast response. You should also stay calm when your dog does something wrong, don’t shout just use firm and strong voice.

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Dog Training For Dog Complications

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Are you having dog difficulties? It can be from time to time needed to start dog training to strengthen your dog’s conduct. A dog that frequently displays disobedience, ought to be trained using the proper tactic. Failing to accomplish so may possibly result in much more issues inside extended run.

Intense and dominating behaviors are widespread characteristics in an untrained dog. If your dog displays intense conduct this kind of as biting, it really is greatest to call around the guide of the expert dog trainer. Dog attacks are far more prevalent than you believe, accounting for virtually half of all household insurance claims and causing thousands of injuries and deaths a year.

Each and every event varies. Your k9 might only have a slight behavioral difficulty this kind of as sitting within the couch or digging up the garden. Often standard dog training may perhaps should be re-introduced to maintain your dog disciplined. It is simple to home train a dog when he has already been via the method as soon as. Even so, residence exercising a dog must be ongoing to assist sustain your dog’s discipline.

There are numerous diverse approaches to train your dog. 1 on the most successful dog training approaches is clicker exercising. With all instruction nonetheless, the important is patience and persistence. Education can get tedious simply because it entails lots of repetition, but it really is critical to teach commands around and around once more until it becomes an inherent habit. Your dog won’t discover a command by heart immediately after a couple of repetitions, perhaps not even immediately after 10 or 20 times. Do not give up, the greater you drill, the greater your dog will get it.

It is of fantastic significance to location yourself as the leader on the pack. Your dog need to recognize you as an authority to be able to train a dog efficiently. Inside situation of education intense dogs, that is specifically crucial. Dog training collars and leads are broadly obtainable and will need to be an important piece of kit when getting your dog out.

Dog conduct coaching is important when breaking a dog’s damaging routines. Utilizing physical abuse to punish your dog is really a definite no-no. Utilizing intense dog training is very counterproductive given that your dog will shed trust as well as fear you. A favourable and firm tactic is finest when dog obedience education. Listed here are some dog training points;

When dog potty coaching, consider your dog towards the region wherever you’d like him to go, to ensure that he’s familiar with it. When your dog decides to poop for the carpet, consider your dog towards the scene and present him that you’re displeased. Say ‘No’ and point on the dog poop and make eye contact with your dog.

When dog leash training, stay clear of becoming dragged by your dog. In case you come across your dog literally having you for a ride, stop and alter direction. By performing this you’re showing your dog that you simply are in control. Stay clear of pulling for the leash as well challenging as this can bring about severe and permanent injury for your dog’s neck.

House-training a dog need to be your initial priority particularly inside a dog’s early existence. You’ll discover that by setting optimistic routines and education your dog when he’s young will make living significantly less difficult. Exercising a dog isn’t just about teaching your dog new tricks. By teaching your dog appropriate conduct, you can both be a whole lot happier and you’ll come across that your relationship is stronger being a result.

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Get Helpful Secrets About Dog Problems

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Find important advice about dogs – Squeaky dog toys are loved by many puppies and older canines who receive them from their owners. Such toys are fun, and they also enhance a dog’s physical and mental health. They encourage dogs to exercise and play, as in the case of when a person throws the toy for the dog to fetch. Squeaky toys also serve to alleviate dogs’ stress and tension.

Given the onset of people spending increasingly more money on their pets, pet shops have vastly expanded their squeaky toy offerings for dogs. There are many different styles and colors to choose from. The type of toy chosen depends on the nature of a person’s pet. To illustrate this, chewable toys are available for dogs who are aggressive chewers. On the other hand, there are squeaky dog toys which are attractive, and these are suitable for dogs who just enjoy playing and hunting.

The two primary types of squeaky dog toys are those made of plastic and those made of fleece. The plastic toys can easily be ripped apart by dogs who chew a great deal and are aggressive. It can thus be a waste of money for a person to buy these toys, retailing anywhere from a couple of dollars or more depending on the toy’s size and style, if he or she has a dog who will destroy them after a short time of use. Some popular squeaky toys made out of plastic include those shaped like footballs, hamburgers, newspapers, hot dogs, cartoon characters, and more.

Dog toys that squeak and that are made of fleece are suited for most all dogs, and they tend to last longer than those toys made out of plastic. Fleece dog toys are soft and comfortable, and they are ideal items for a dog to snuggle up against when bedtime comes around. Some popular styles of fleece dog toys are those shaped like animals, such as teddy bears, dogs, cats, chickens, and more.

Whether dog toys that squeak are made of plastic or are soft and fluffy, they provide countless hours of enjoyment for dogs and enhance their development. Squeaky dog toys are widely available at online shops and retail pet shops, as well as supermarkets.

In conclusion, squeaky dog toys come in a variety of styles and shapes, and the type of toy chosen depends on the dog’s nature. There are two main types of dog toys that squeak, namely those that are plastic and those made out of fleece. Plastic toys are better suited for dogs that are not very aggressive, and fleece toys tend to be popular with most dogs. Dog toys that are squeaky can be found online, in pet retail shops, and in supermarkets among other places.

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Fish Tanks For Ornament And Tranquility In Life

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Stress is one thing that each adults and kids go through within the modern world with hectic timetable to be stored each at home and at workplace or school. Though yoga, meditation and train are all recognized treatments for preventing this stress, it has additionally been confirmed that aquariums are very efficient in decreasing stress.

Research have also confirmed that students who’ve aquariums at house, and examine the fish regularly have a tendency to score better marks in maths and verbal SATs. In fact, their combined rating normally find yourself significantly better than their counterparts who do not have aquariums. Having aquariums in school rooms not only help in reducing stress, but also works as a learning support as kids take up the accountability of caring for the fish.

It’s the serenity of the aquarium that works at lowering stress. Fish and different inhabitants of water move in water in a peaceful movement to present a noted decrease in blood stress and in calming nerves. In reality, even kids who are hyperactivity tend to settle down, while their grades have a tendency to enhance after watching the aquarium inhabitants.

Aquariums will help overcome despair

It is recommended that the aquarium be positioned within the busiest place of the home, where everyone can enjoy it. The concept of designing the aquarium tends to set off imagination, and in the course of, help in overcoming depression. Moreover, the totally different colors used in the aquarium add spice to life.

Feng shui additionally advocates the putting of an aquarium in the house or workplace because it brings in the ingredient of water, one of many 5 elements of earth. This in flip helps in creating tranquility and harmony in its surroundings with the positive energy it liberates.

By putting an aquarium in an workplace, you find that everyone’s creativity will increase while producing an environment devoid of everyday pressures. With aquariums within the workplace, it induces rest, peace, education and an general benefit in the business. Putting aquariums in lobbies or reception areas help in relaxing, and impressing clients.

Dentists face much less stress with aquariums

Even dentists have plenty of advantages and peace with an aquarium of their clinic. It’s because by viewing an aquarium, the dental patients are inclined to experience the identical effects as they might underneath hypnosis. Furthermore, after viewing the aquarium, the patient requires less pain medication earlier than dental surgery. Individuals affected by Alzheimer’s eat more food

Aquariums positioned in a hotel or doctor’s clinic improves the aesthetic appeal by attracting the eye of the visitors. It has been found that by having aquariums in youngsters’s hospitals, they work at charming the youngsters’s fantasy, and in the process, helps them heal faster.

This results in an increase in their weight, and thus a decreased requirement of nutritional supplements. In addition to these nutritional benefits, aquariums have a tendency to reduce the physically aggressive conduct of patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Even patients affected by Alzheimer’s are likely to see an enhancement in their well being after viewing aquarium fish. It’s because they tend to devour more food with aquariums in their surroundings.

All this proves that aquariums not solely improve the present dacor of a house or workplace, but brings with it plenty of peace with the therapeutic benefits it brings to both the younger and old.

Emergency Preparedness To Reduce Stress

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Each geographic region has certain natural and man-made threats. Some areas are prone to hurricanes or fires, others could suffer from floods and tsunamis. Being prepared to possible emergencies in your area always gives us peace and confidence. Emergency preparedness is often associated with having an emergency plan and emergency food supplies.

Planning is important in all spheres of our lives. Being prepared to unexpected events also requires planning. All of us face something unexpected at certain points of our lives. And if you are prepared to it, you will only experience some inconvenience rather than face a disaster.

Even if you have never developed an emergency plan before it is never late to start. Creating an emergency plan always starts with making the most important decision – you need to decide that you want to be prepared in advance. You need to decide that you do not want to suffer from emergencies and that the only person to rely on in emergency situations is you.

Not many people are able to stay calm during emergencies. That is why it is very difficult to develop a good plan of action when emergency has already come. When people panic, they tend to make a lot of mistakes. And if you want to have a good emergency plan, you need to create it while sitting calmly in your house without any threats on the horizon. Your emergency preparedness plan should be created today.

Most of us know that we need to have a supply of water and food, candles, flashlights, radios and batteries to survive an emergency. We are going to share some information on other items you might need to have for emergency purposes. It should make you more prepared and increase your comfort after an emergency has occurred.

We recommend you getting a small plastic or metal box to keep copies of your documents in it. This box should be lightweight so that you could easily take it with you if you have to leave your house. Try to find a box with a convenient handle and a reliable lock.

Do not forget to make copies of your medical records and prescriptions. These documents should also be kept in your emergency document box. Medical information could be highly important during emergencies. It could save your life or lives of your family members.

It is also advisable to make copies of all important phone numbers. You need to be able to call your relatives and friends even if your cell phone is not working. It could also be a good idea to give copies of your important documents to someone you trust and who lives away from your neighborhood. This ensures they will be safe.

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Emergency Management For All Of Us

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Most natural disasters are hard to predict and are impossible to prevent. And many of them lead to human loss, financial and environmental troubles. However, most of these losses could be eliminated with proper emergency preparedness and emergency management.

Natural emergencies could be of many types. There could be land movements, earthquakes, eruptions, hurricanes, tornados, fires, floods and many other types of emergencies. Many natural disasters are related. Earthquakes may lead to tsunamis, eruptions could be followed by fires and so on. Many of them occur without any warnings. In many cases you will have to evacuate and leave your home. Are you ready to survive power outage, water and gas being cut off? You need to understand that emergency services are not able to help everyone during the first hours and even days after the disaster. This means you will have to survive on your own for a certain period of time.

And to make sure your family will survive an emergency you should involve emergency management and achieve emergency preparedness. Emergencies could never be put on hold. Emergency preparedness includes a plan of action that will increase your chances to survive a disaster. Each family, each school and each organization should have a good ad flexible emergency plan.

A good emergency plan should include safe exits from the building. You need to understand that your regular exits might be blocked. So it is important to make sure you have some additional exits like a back door or a window. Aside from that you need to set up a meeting place for your family and friends to get together during an emergency. If you have kids try to find a person who will be able to pick them up if you are unable to do so. If you have pets, make sure you have a safe place to leave them at (vet clinic and so on). Having a contact person which lives out of town is also a good idea. Local phone lines might be overloaded with calls during an emergency and you will have less problems calling long distance. Give the phone number of this person to all your family members including kids.

Make sure all your family members know how to use fire extinguisher. It is also important to teach your relatives to shut off gas and water in your house.

You should also understand that you might not be able to buy foods or other items during an emergency. That is why having at least 72 hour food and water supply is vital. This should be enough to survive most short term emergencies. But if you want to be able to survive long term ones, you need to get more food and water correspondingly.

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Emergency Preparedness For Pet Owners

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Disasters may happen anywhere. Unfortunately, most people do not understand this fact and simply hope that nothing bad will happen to their families. However, it is very important to become prepared and to know what should be done if something unexpected happens in your area.

We are going to suggest you five simple steps that are able to increase your level of preparedness. Our information will deal with preparing your family and your pets to possible emergencies.

First of all, it is recommended to get an emergency kit. If you have a pet, your emergency kit should include some items for your pet too. This kit should be packed and easily accessible. Some survivalists even recommend to keep it by the door. It is important to have a first aid kit for your animal. If your pet needs to take some medications on regular basis, make sure you have a sufficient supply of these medications too. Make sure you have enough food and water for your pet to survive a three day emergency. Do not forget to have collars with identification tags. Always keep information on the tags updated. It is better if your dog wears such a collar all the time, but at least he or she must wear it during an emergency. Sanitation items for your pet should also be found in your pet emergency kit. And please do not forget about blankets and toys for your loved animal if you have to evacuate.

It is also strongly recommended to have a picture of your pet with you. It could be very helpful if you get separated with your animal. You could also show the picture to emergency workers and they will be able to identify your pet and bring it to you.

Make sure your pet is familiar with its carrier. Most pets do not like their carriers or crates as they associate them with going to veterinarians. Many animals get stressed out when they see these items. That is why it is very important to play with your animal inside the carrier, to give him some treats and so on. Your pet needs to feel comfortable inside the carrier and should not feel afraid of it.

Some animals tend to hide away with the first signs of a coming disaster. That is why you need to be aware of possible places where your pet could hide inside and outside the house. In fact, it is recommended to lock your pet in a room when you begin to prepare to a disaster or to evacuation. In this case you will not have to look for him when you need to leave the house and no time will be wasted.

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Creating An Emergency Preparedness Kit

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When people hear about emergencies in other parts of the world, most of them say: “Good it did not happen to me!” However, rather than saying that you should look around and think if your house and your family are actually ready to face some kind of emergency. You should also go to the library or on the internet and get information on emergency preparedness as well as on possible natural threats in your area.

We want to help you in achieving emergency preparedness and are going to give you some information on useful emergency items.

The first thing you need to have for emergency purposes is a first aid kit. Some first aid kits could be purchased at stores. However, most of them are not satisfying. You need to get high quality medications for your kit and you need to make sure you have everything you may ever need during possible emergencies. Some basic items to have in your emergency first aid kit are: different types of trauma dressings, gauze, a mask, scissors, first aid splint, disinfectants, burn dressings, antibiotics, sterilized water and some others.

In case of most natural disasters you will have to shut off your natural gas supply, water supply and electricity. Make sure you have all required tools to do so. And make sure all your family members know where and how this should be done. Some disasters may lead to broken water lines in your house and you will need special utility to fix the problem too. Make sure you have all required tools and know how to use them.

Your emergency preparedness kit must also include a fire extinguisher. Fire extinguishers are of different types. You need to make sure you get the right type of it. An ABC dry chemical fire extinguisher is recommended for private households. This type of extinguishers allows to handle 3 different types of fires. It is effective when dealing with electrical fires, flammable liquids and combustion fires. Check your fire extinguisher regularly and make sure it is ready to use anytime.

You should also store some supplies for emergency purposes. First of all, you will need a sufficient amount of water. We are not able to survive without water for a long time. The rule of thumb here is to have one gallon of drinking water per day for one person. A seven day supply of water is considered to be enough. But if you are able to store more water – it is better for you. There are special water preservers that allow stored water lasting for about 5 years. Make sure you also have water purification tablets and portable water filter. These items should also be found in your emergency kit.

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