How Do I Get Rid Of Chiggers On My Pet?

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I have hunted for the ultimate chigger treatment formula for a long long time. endured so many attacks by chiggers I feel like I have “bite me” scratched on pinned on my back and those silly monsters can read.

I discovered after at lot by sad experience, outdoor pets carry chiggers pretty much like a mother possum carries her young, fastened to them anywhere they can hang on. I did not know dogs and cats could be purveyors of hell.

Is it any wonder every time somebody hugs, pets or holds their dogs or cats after it has been playing in the woods they might have an attack of chiggers. And they just know they have not ventured into chigger country.

“Where in the world did those chiggers come from?” Now you know. Do not pet your pet if they have been out beating the bush where chiggers live.

By now you will be hunting for the silver ultimate chigger treatment.

If you want a real mess just let your dog or cat settle down in your favorite sitting spot after it has been running around outdoors.

It is necessary to get rid of chiggers on your dog or cat before you let them back in the house.

You can bathe them with pretty hot, soapy water if you desire. There are also some oils you can apply to your pet to help deter chiggers from hitching a ride on them. I would definitely do the washing thing.

(I do not recommend flea collars and such for your pets. They carry deadly toxins and you are exposing your pets and their health to these toxins. If you truly love your pet, find something natural to indoctrinate them.)

The best advice I can offer is move out of the house if you have been letting Fido in without cleaning him up.

You will want to work on the chigger problem in the house after you get the pet taken care of.

You are probably wondering how to kill chiggers in my house, right?

You want to wash everything exposed to the pet in hot, soapy water with a bit of bleach added. Then dry it on high heat for good measure.

Did I mention you should also wash your contaminated clothing the same way? No? Do I really need to?

I would advise steam cleaning the furniture, especially if it is upholstery. I have never tried Lysol spray but that could be an option. It it works on germs maybe chiggers will not like it so well either.

I have earned the Tee shirt on how to kill chiggers. I learned the hard way what it takes to get rid of chiggers and part of it is to take care of the pets.

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